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wednesday wednesday . and it looks like black velvet

a black velvet take on Grant Wood's American Gothic. by Gil Corral, 2013

a black velvet take on Grant Wood’s American Gothic. by Gil Corral, 2013

manoman.  this is so fabulously awesome.  And on its way to its new home.  or actually, one stop before that.  on its way to the home of the lovely couple that commissioned it as a wedding gift to give their friends.  we’re all looking forward to the gift giving moment!

and with a couple more velvet commissions in the works, it feels like a gloriously velvety time indeed.  so to c e l e b r a t e velvet appreciation, in a collision of high ability and low art, of a respectful and thoughtful execution on the tongue-in-cheek medium, let’s have a sale to make way for the fresh work in progress.

yes, LETS!  the new roll of velvet will arrive in a couple weeks.  make way for ducklings!  We’ll post the in stock items on gilcorral.com for some rockin sale prices.  (commissionable pieces, or examples of ones that have already found homes won’t have a sale pricing – and the sale will not be available via gil’s etsy site.)



check it out!  spread the word!
and if you’ve had something in mind you’d like to see – or are thinking ahead to a custom holiday gift (a beloved pet’s portrait? a character from a favorite childhood story?) drop a line.  let’s get our velvet on.


a custom, black velvet take on american gothic by gil corral, (c) 2013

a custom, black velvet take on american gothic by gil corral, (c) 2013


tuesday tuesday . early june 2013

turquoise ring by loving anvil
wow this might be one of the longest pauses between posts.  i have been updating tumblr and instagram regularly.  which post to facebook and twitter.  and i’m trying to remember the pinterest.  oh good lord.

but i do like this format.  this b l o g .
and i write posts in my head regularly.  it’s very irregular, almost never, that i focus and actually write them down.  or type them out.  or … you now.

so speaking of written words, and we all know how i love the written (and then hand stamped into precious metal) word, i received the sweetest letter today.


and then and THEN a little later today i got an etsy “convo” that said this.

“I also wanted you to know that I wore turquoise ring to my breast cancer group today, and everyone just loved it!  It’s funny, but one woman at the group told me that if she had a ring like that she would always keep her hand up close to her face so everyone could see it!
I told them about you being on Etsy and they were surprised that you could get such a nice ring on the Internet.”

these really make my heart sing.  i am absolutely honored.  and the thing is, i work very very hard and passionately and focused-ly and with all of my soul and being to make each piece when ordered.  with a painfully close eye for detail and quality.  and i AM honored by anyone who puts their faith in me by purchasing my work.  every time someone out there in the wild, wide world picks out my work and puts their money down, it has a direct and strong impact, and ultimately a personal relationship.    so you know.

and when someone takes the time to let me know.  that feels pretty amazing.  and not to sound like a butt, but i have a pretty fabulous collection on hand written and digitally sent thankyous.


so the goal is to organize myself *gasp* and get them posted to a “recommendations” page…or a… a.  what do you call it.  …testimonials?  i think that’s the word i’m looking for.

we’ll see.  fingers crossed.  may was a really busy month, both within the art and the life.  kind of left me a bit exhausted.  but it’s good.  i started a sale that i planned to run for the month of may – and didn’t tend to it as much as i intended.  so let’s try again.  we’ll call it a SUMMER sale.  check it out here.
and keep an eye on this here blog.  gil has a LOT of good stuff going on with velvet paintings and pen and ink portraits.  i’ll elaborate over the next couple days.  pinkie promise.


wednesday wednesday. late november 2011

we'll be there!

hey kids!

we’re just doing one out-of-the-studio event this year and this is it!  and it’s this weekend!  ack!!  i better get back to my bench!

hope to see you there!  we’ll also be taking custom orders for holiday gift giving!!


updated roster!

and it totally rocks

a cozy craft event at the annex!

festivities !!!

lovinganvil (http://lovinganvil.com)
love dog card company (http://lovedogcardcompany.etsy.com)
freshlowtech cards (http://hogfarmstudios.etsy.com)
kitty witch specialties
tarot card readings
lofted designs (http://lofteddesigns.com)
spirited woodland (http://spirtedwoodland.etsy.com)
posy studio (http://posystudio.etsy.com)
doonyaya (http://doonyaya.etsy.com)
luksin designs (http://www.luksindesigns.com)
jeilamade (http://www.jeila.com)
huntrez (hannah tarkinson)
creations by nancy kureth
lauren ostis (http://www.laurenostis.com)
vida urbaite designs
road rash rubber (http://www.roadrashrubber.com)

dj spirit bear will handling the groove all day.

rumored appearance by music and holiday master, dan blakeslee!
lots of treats from lovinganvil AndMOR
select item from:
power and light press (http://www.powerandlight.etsy.com)
treehouse 28 (http://www.treehouse28.etsy.com)
cd’s from many of the hogfarm studios/hfs annex performers!!

visa/mc accepted! shop on!

viernes negro

i love our little shop.  with the odd selection of curated items.  really.  our heart and soul is absolutely invested in it.  and it would seem flakey if we weren’t open the day after thanksgiving.  black friday.  viernes negro.  if you find yourself out and about…stop by and maybe find a treat for yourself or someone on your list.  and if you are out and about and find yourself all dressed in black, you get 10% off your purchase at lovignanvil AndMOR.  so there it is.