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thursday thursday . Breaking Bad and the Money Clip

breaking bad bad mofo money clip by lovinganvil

a red brass version of what walter white carries (his is solid sterling, of course) check it out at lovinganvil.com

oh man oh man.  it’s been a whirlwind this morning!!  and afternoon!  i sat down to write this post at about 9am.  it’s now just after 2pm and i’ve not gotten any work done and i need to get in to the studio and and and …but it’s all so very awesome.  i intended to write more about the clip and how it came to be and some other details of the story…but i think that will have to wait until tomorrow.  i’m way too spazzed out now to really organize my thoughts.  so i’ll just go with a brief post and a preemptive OH-MY-GOD-I-KNOW-I’M-SUCH-A-GEEK.

yesterday we got a call from the folks at the portland press herald that they caught wind of the money clip we were asked to make for Bryan Cranston (aka Walter White, aka Heisenberg) of Breaking Bad.  which was awesome.  and then the photographer, Gordie Chibroski, came over and we took a bunch of photos and all that and then i was texting back and forth with the writer and asked where/when the article would run and he answered, “tomorrow, front page”

urf. wow.  ok.
so i obsessed and stressed about that for a good part of the night.


this morning we picked up the paper and there was this lovely article written by Matt Byrne, and it was on the front page of the portland press herald.  pretty dang cool, if i may say so myself.  very sweet and well written.  i was getting ready to post it here and there and do the social media thing and i get a call from channel 13 news here in portland, maine.  and they’d like to meet today and do an interview for tonight’s six o’clock news.

urf. uhm.  wow.     ok.

TV.  like, moving pictures and sound and talking and being coherent and not acting like a total tool and calming down and not dweebing out.

Gil's caption to this was pretty funny... "Hey news dude!!! What are you doing to my wife???" getting ready to interview

Gil’s caption to this was pretty funny… “Hey news dude!!! What are you doing to my wife???” …Getting ready to interview

which i fear i didn’t pull off so well.  the super lovely and friendly Marissa Bodnar and her camera man came and sat up and she so casually started to ask me questions and in my mind it looked like he was still setting up so i just started chatting…and we were laughing and talking and it was all so easy going and THEN i realized that OHMYGOD they were filming.  !!

of course, you say.  how could they not be.  i mean, WHAT was i thinking.

so once i realized that, i kind of froze.  it goes like this:  at first, i’m just being a goof.  and then, i’m just feeling awkward.  Marissa said i did awesome and not to worry.  and she was so very light and friendly and you know.  but URF.  i’m dreading watching tonight.  erp.

ok.  so tomorrow (hopefully) i’ll write the post i had in mind for today.  that is, of course, unless i’m hiding under a rock.




wedensday wednesday. early june 2012

looking in the mirror today

putting the earrings in and realizing these photos in the mirror frame were of the same era as the gifted earrings.

shooooooooot.  it’s been a while.

lots going on.  but i’ll catch up on that later.  i have two posts (three counting this one) in the draft stage.  just need to add this and that, edit a bit, and we’re good to go.  oh WELL, i guess i’ll just start a new post now, instead of resolving what’s there.  but right now i want to write about the earrings i just found.

found them in my jewelry box, rather.  they’ve been in the same jewelry box for…well, about sixteen years.  wow.  sigh.  i guess so.  that jewelry box has been in a few different places since then, but the earrings have been in there the whole time.  which i guess is what it is.  i mean, i don’t use my jewelry box much.  i do keep things i want to save in there, but very seldom look in it.  pretty much i wear the jewelry i wear all the time so it doesn’t come on and off.  or i grab something off my bench on the way out the door.  and then put it back when we get home.

and it doesn’t help matters that for me if i can’t see it, it doesn’t exist.  so you know.  it keeps things a combination of cluttered and exciting.         sure.  i’ll go with that.

point being.  we’re trying to get rid of a bunch of stuff so i’m going though all kinds of tucked away treasures and consolidating/organizing.  more or less.  and i found these earrings from sixteen years ago.  gil and i were living on se belmont in pdx.  we’d take the number 15 downtown work-a-day mornings and then home again in the evening.  during some span of the more than a few years that we did this, i had a bus pal – we only saw eachother on the commute.  she was about my age, maybe a bit younger, and also an office worker of some sort.  so we’d talk about this and that – usually easier on the way home as fellow busriders thinned out after we left dtown and inner southeast.  she had really thick earrings, and considering it was 1995, i hadn’t seen a whole lot of that yet and thought it was pretty cool.  so it was in our rotation of topics of conversation.  one morning she brought me some titanium earrings with little onyx rounds and explained that these were a starter gauge and i should give them a try.  start with these and then every few weeks go larger and larger – there was a whole routine i was to follow.

and after a while we didn’t see eachother on the bus.  who knows.  in 2000 gil and i bought a house farther out on se washington (still on the number 15 line, tho) and changed jobs…she prolly did, too.  but i never tried the sortof (not hardly at all) thick earrings — kind of intimidated.  not sure why — stretching seemed owier than piercing?  who knows.  at any rate.  there they sat in my jewelry box.  and now i can’t even remember my friend’s name.  just a general silhouette of what she looks like…brown, shoulder length hair, pulled back and efficiently purchased office wear to keep her tattoos covered and work-a-day honest.  back in the day.

see? they’re not thick at all. but still my ear is all red…!

so today, june 2012, sixteen years after the fact, on a whim, i put them in.  i was going to look for a series of hoops to start wearing again, found these…and all of a sudden was pushing them through my earlobes.  the left one went in almost no problem…the right one took a lot more work for some reason.  which made me queasy at a couple instances.  but i persevered.  whatever.

and what’s funny, as i’m looking in the mirror wiggling the sharp end through – i realized the two photos stuck in the frame are from that moment in time.  the belmont apartment, working in the admissions office at the art school.  raja was a tweener/preteen.  gil’s studio was set up in the basement.  we were doing the thing.

so not that i’m intending to go any larger.  it is what it is.  a moment in time.  awesome.