a giveaway. a giveaway! late june 2013

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i am so very passionate about creating adornment, and so very honored by the support and appreciation for my work!  the thank yous and notes and email and and and.  and it’s awesome because i truly only make what i absolutely love myself and i OBSESS over every detail and nuance and it’s amazing to step out of ones head once in a while and realize that other folks are digging it, too.  amazing.

SO on that note!  let’s do a SUMMER O GIVEAWAYS lovinganvil style!  (with some el chicharron thrown in for good measure – keep your eyes peeled)

rules!  rules!  should i use bullet points for this?  hmm.  ok, sure.

  • there will be at least five different giveaways over the course of the summer.  prolly more.  but i have five planned right now.
  • enter via facebook, twitter and instagram.  one entry per social media per giveaway.  in other words, you can enter three times for each giveaway, but only once per social media.
  • FACEBOOK.  follow or like us at facebook.com/lovinganvil .  i’ll post a photo of the giveaway item.  to enter, share and like the photo/post
  • INSTAGRAM. follow or like us @lovinganvil .  for each giveaway i’ll post a unique #tag and instructions for a photo to post with the #tag.  to enter, upload and tag your photo!
  • TWITTER follow or like us at @lovinganvil .  i’ll tweet a photo and tag.  to enter, retweet the post.
  • entries will only count if you’ve followed/liked/whatever lovinganvil
  • the final giveaway will be the farrah ring grandprize and all previous entries will count towards your chances!  so if you’ve entered three times per each giveaway, you’ll have more opportunities!  the grandprize drawing will happen august 30, 2013 at 7pm eastern.  unless some weird life thing requires it to happen a little before or a little after.  so you know.

oh i’m PSYCHED!  wait, also –

  • postage is covered for domestic (u.s.) mail, with tracking.  insurance is not included.  international folks are more than welcome to enter but will be responsible for postage and fees – i’ll send a paypal invoice for those situations.
  • there was something else i was going to say but i forget.
  • i guess it was something vaguely legal like, we are not responsible for any losses or damage or any other issues that arise – this is intended to be a good time so… you know.  play nice.


lovinganvil contest


thursday thursday. early june 2013

farrah dot rings by lovinganvil

farrah dot rings by lovinganvil

look at all these LOVELY stones waiting to be made into rings!  all of the following are custom made to order in your size for $155 plus shipping.  all will be sterling silver rings with a fine silver setting.  also, if you’d like to add a simple word or phrase on either the inside of the band, the back of the ring – let me know!  order via lovinganvil.com (or via email to studio at lovinganvil dot com while i work to get all the options listed!)

oval and squarish farrah ring options by lovinganvil

oval and squarish farrah ring options by lovinganvil

options will be listed on lovinganvil.com shortly.  please see details regarding the stones here:

farrah dot ring grid by lovinganvil

all approx 35mm diameter:
1. bright orange round
2. robins egg blue roundish square
3. neon green square
4. robins egg blue round
5.  grass green square
6. snow white round
7. dark gray square
8.  grass green round
9.  dark gray octagon-ish
10. plum round
11. neon green square
12. plum octagon-ish
13. teal round-ish
14. robins egg blue square
15. bright orange square
16. ebon square (ebon round also available)
17. pumpkin orange round
18. bubblegum pink square (very soft pink)
19. dark gray round
20. bubblegum pink round


all 40mm x 30mm.  the names can be a little funny with jaspers and agates, people naming them this and that.  i’ll do my best to what i think they’re really called.  and if you’d like to see a photo of a particular stone close up, drop a line and i’ll get it to you! xoxo

1. leopard jasper
2. forest jasper
3. picture jasper
4. hematite
5. russian moss agate (crazy deep green)
6. leopard jasper
7. rose quartz
8. smoky agate
9. forest jasper
10. smoky agate
11. forest jasper
12. russian moss agate
13. desert floor agate
14. desert floor agate
15. desert floor agate
16. desert floor agate
17. desert floor agate
18. moss agate

these are all roughly 35mm x 25mm.  except for the dark wood which is 35mm square:

1. jadite
2. yellow jade
3. fancy jasper
4. yellow jade
*. mocha jasper (spaced it in the detail photo…see it above)
5. tiger ebony wood

candy! dot rings by lovinganvil


WHEW.  did i get it all?

tuesday tuesday . early june 2013

turquoise ring by loving anvil
wow this might be one of the longest pauses between posts.  i have been updating tumblr and instagram regularly.  which post to facebook and twitter.  and i’m trying to remember the pinterest.  oh good lord.

but i do like this format.  this b l o g .
and i write posts in my head regularly.  it’s very irregular, almost never, that i focus and actually write them down.  or type them out.  or … you now.

so speaking of written words, and we all know how i love the written (and then hand stamped into precious metal) word, i received the sweetest letter today.


and then and THEN a little later today i got an etsy “convo” that said this.

“I also wanted you to know that I wore turquoise ring to my breast cancer group today, and everyone just loved it!  It’s funny, but one woman at the group told me that if she had a ring like that she would always keep her hand up close to her face so everyone could see it!
I told them about you being on Etsy and they were surprised that you could get such a nice ring on the Internet.”

these really make my heart sing.  i am absolutely honored.  and the thing is, i work very very hard and passionately and focused-ly and with all of my soul and being to make each piece when ordered.  with a painfully close eye for detail and quality.  and i AM honored by anyone who puts their faith in me by purchasing my work.  every time someone out there in the wild, wide world picks out my work and puts their money down, it has a direct and strong impact, and ultimately a personal relationship.    so you know.

and when someone takes the time to let me know.  that feels pretty amazing.  and not to sound like a butt, but i have a pretty fabulous collection on hand written and digitally sent thankyous.


so the goal is to organize myself *gasp* and get them posted to a “recommendations” page…or a… a.  what do you call it.  …testimonials?  i think that’s the word i’m looking for.

we’ll see.  fingers crossed.  may was a really busy month, both within the art and the life.  kind of left me a bit exhausted.  but it’s good.  i started a sale that i planned to run for the month of may – and didn’t tend to it as much as i intended.  so let’s try again.  we’ll call it a SUMMER sale.  check it out here.
and keep an eye on this here blog.  gil has a LOT of good stuff going on with velvet paintings and pen and ink portraits.  i’ll elaborate over the next couple days.  pinkie promise.


wedesday . wednesday. early february 2013

friendship bracelets by lovinganvil

friendship bracelets by lovinganvil

oooooh! valentines day is approaching!  pink and red and glitter and love and LOVE!  yey!  it’s the best!

i’ll post several friendship bracelets to our etsy today.  perfect for valentines giving when guessing at a ring size feels too tricky.  (or too intense!)  ready to go and in the mail within a day or two at most.  you know.  getting to the post office can get complicated.  but it always works itself into the rotation within 36 hours.

rose quartz and serpentine drop earrings by lovinganvil

rose quartz and serpentine drop earrings by lovinganvil

and on that note, of spreading the love, only four more days left of our rockthepost campaign!   if you can help out, no matter the amount pledged – three bucks,  five bucks, ten bucks, whatever is LOW IMPACT in your life, that would be amazing.  AMAZING.  you’d have our unending gratitude.  just…oh you know.  yeah.

so if you can, please pleaseplease please click on this link if you can for a small tiny amount, we’d be so very honored!


gracias y xoxoxo y mas y mas

wednesday wednesday. mid january 2013

hey lovers and fighters!  check this out!

refinery 29 and custommade are running a sweepstakes, giving away a chance to design your dream adornment with us here at lovinganvil!  up to $1000 is covered for us to work with and create your dream piece!
enter here via refinery 29: http://www.refinery29.com/sweeps/custommade

and also check out this spot on custommade: http://blog.custommade.com/portfolio/refinery29-custommade-giveaway/

we have both of our portfolios on custommade, lovinganvil and gilcorral.  and i have followed refinery 29 for a while so it’s an honor to work with them on this project!!

also, less than a month left for our rockthepost project.  you can read on that here and if you’re able to donate, we’d be THRILLED and eternally grateful!  if you donate any amount after reading this blog, email so i can get you your extra special thankyou gift!