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friday . friday . and the second summerogiveaways giveaway!!

lovinganvil summer of giveaways 2!!

YEY!  the first one was so much fun, can’t wait for round two!!

let’s review the rules for  SUMMER O GIVEAWAYS lovinganvil style!

enter to win these three sterlingsilver bands! a midi, a simple stacker and a simple onyx stacker.  three ways to enter!  contest ends july 16, 2013 2pm eastern time!

just like before:

  • there will be at least five different giveaways over the course of the summer.  prolly more.  but i have five planned right now.
  • enter via facebook, twitter and instagram.  one entry per social media per giveaway.  in other words, you can enter three times for each giveaway, but only once per social media.
  • FACEBOOK.  follow or like us at .  i’ll post a photo of the giveaway item.  to enter, share and like the photo/post
  • INSTAGRAM. follow or like us @lovinganvil .  for each giveaway i’ll post a unique #tag and instructions for a photo to post with the #tag.  to enter, upload and tag your photo!
  • TWITTER follow or like us at @lovinganvil .  i’ll tweet a photo and tag.  to enter, retweet the post.
  • entries will only count if you’ve followed/liked/whatever lovinganvil
  • the final giveaway will be the farrah ring grandprize and all previous entries will count towards your chances!  so if you’ve entered three times per each giveaway, you’ll have more opportunities!  the grandprize drawing will happen august 30, 2013 at 7pm eastern.  unless some weird life thing requires it to happen a little before or a little after.  so you know.

oh i’m PSYCHED!  wait, also –

  • postage is covered for domestic (u.s.) mail, with tracking.  insurance is not included.  international folks are more than welcome to enter but will be responsible for postage and fees – i’ll send a paypal invoice for those situations.
  • there was something else i was going to say but i forget.
  • i guess it was something vaguely legal like, we are not responsible for any losses or damage or any other issues that arise – this is intended to be a good time so… you know.  play nice.

and here’s a shot of the first giveaway prize finished!:

lovinganvil summer of giveaways 1!!


new year new(s)letter

wowowowowow!!  ok.  it’s been quite a while!  and we have so much to say!  so.  so so so.  where do we begin?

r o c k  t h e  p o s t

we’re really excited about working with rockthepost to promote our spring line,
c a d e n c e .  rock the post is a curated crowd-funding site and we’re honored to be chosen as one of their promotees!  there are really great awards for your contribution and we’d be eternally grateful for any help you can give!  and since you’re in the know via the official lovinganvil/hogfarm studios newsletter, we’re adding another award.   if you are able to donate $5, $10, or any amount less than the first award tier (offically, awards start at $25), drop me a line with your address and i’ll get an el chich magnet (randomly selected) headed your way if the project funds!

check out the project and please spread the word!

m a i n e  m a g a z i n e

lovinganvil in the january 2013 issue of maine magazine.  article by joe herbert, photo credit, peter frank edwards

lovinganvil in the january 2013 issue of maine magazine. article by joe herbert, photo credit, peter frank edwards

we received a nice mention and photo in the january 2013 maine magazine issue.  the photo is of our maine beach pebble earrings.  they’re available via our etsy site, for sure, along with several other one of a kind maine beach pebble jewelry.

a r t e m a s f i n a v e l v e t s

ferdinand the bull, by gil corral 2013

ferdinand the bull, by gil corral 2013

gil’s been painting up a velvet storm and it’s absolutely resonating with people.  many of the paintings have been sold even before they’ve gone to market via previews on instagram and facebook.  so far, frida kahlo, advenure time characters, bob ross and ferdinand the bull have all been captured on velvet.  much much more to come.

what’s that? you say you’d like to join the ranks of elvis, matadors and voluptuous naked ladies? FABULOUS.
to commission a custom velvet portrait from a photo you provide (and artist approval of photo), check out pricing as follows:
**this pricing is for a fairly traditional, single subject portrait. options are endless for a more complex layout but pricing will change. email and we’ll work out the details**

custom portrait black velvet:
8in x 8 in = $95
8in x 10in = $120
10in x 10in = $150
10in x 12in = $180
12in x 12in = $220
12in x 14in = $255

s o c i e t y 6  p e n  a n d  i n k

nina simone, by gil corral.  2012

nina simone, by gil corral. 2012

gil has a very striking body of work over on and is adding to it weekly.  the portraits in the works are mostly of hogfarm studios alumni, and will join howard zinn and nina simone very soon.  prints of the original work are of exceptional high quality and reasonably priced.  you can also get portrait imagery on tshirts, canvas bags, iphone/ipod cases and pillows.  it’s crazy.  and crazy cool!  keep an eye on it for sure.  OH, and just for the next few days, society6 is running a free shipping promotion — this code is valid until january 13, midnight pacific time!

the originals will eventually be available via or by contacting us directly.

s a v e  t h e  d a t e !

ALASH, Photos © David Aronson

do you remember the first hogfarm show? (tom thumb and annie and the beekeepers, 2007)?  this winter, annie lynch and her husband, garth stevenson, are touring with alash, after spending time with them in alash’s homeland, tuva, russia.  hogfarm studios is soooo excited to help promote and present this show at one longfellow square.  more info to follow, but for now, please mark your calendars!

and that’s all the news that’s good to know.
los corrals

saturday saturday. early september 2012

oh september.  you are certainly here.  really.  it’s crazypants.

here’s a very nice announcement for the Lettering: \’le-tə-riŋ\ show and opening

please go if you can!  medialia  335 West 38th St, 4floor, NYC, NY 10018.  212.971.0953


friday friday. early september 2012

coco corral (c) 2012 lovinganvil

our bridal party, atlantic tumbled, stone earring and ring set.

ok.  sorry.  that was obnoxious and hard to read.  i’ll say it this way.  martha stewart american made voting starts today, and it would mean the world to me if you would vote for loving anvil and pass it along to just about anyone and everyone you can think to ask to also vote for loving anvil.  we’re honored to be a nominee and would be further honored by the opportunity this event affords.  yey!!  so you know.  please please please vote this coming presidential election, but before you do that, please vote for loving anvil in the marthastewartamericanmade awards.  nice.

oh, and click here to do it.  or here.  then copy and paste this address:

and pass it on!!  i’ll be your bff!  well, i already am.  but yey!  y gracias!!  y mas y mas!


friday friday. late august 2012.

(c) 2012 jennifer coco corral, lovinganvil

wear a book on your hands

hey loves!

we were asked to be a part of lettering – a group exhibition at medialia gallery in nyc, on display during the month of september.  it looks like it will be quite lovely and right up our alley.  the curators have been a delight to work with and, of course, anything lettering gets our attention!  we’re honored to have our jabberwocky rings and other various photos involved!  if you’re in the area please stop by.  and if you have friends in the area, let them know!

our jabberwocky rings will be at this show. check it out if you’re able!