tuesday tuesday . mid august 2012

jackrabbit tattoo (c) coco corral
august, huh.
and not only august but mid august. not exactly sure how that happened.  but it did so you know, there you are.

more than a few years ago i went to a tattoo shop that was recommended to me, to get what i felt was a very straightforward and simple tattoo.  and i got along well enough with the tattooer.  so you know.  but instead of the graphic outlines of a star and heart that i wanted on each hand — and as they were drawn out on my skin — he proceeded to shade and “give style and depth” to my “overly simple” design.  once i realized what was going on, we had a little discussion about it…but it was too late.

no, it’s ok.  i do love the tattoos on my hands.  i have come to consider them my trashy, prison-esque tattoos.  not what i had in mind, but marking a moment in time.

i did walk away from that encounter, however, inspired to (and irritated into) figuring out how to tattoo ourselves.  i mean, both gil and i are able artists, mechanically inclined and all around intelligent people.  and i also figured the guy that i just allowed to embed ink in my skin didn’t have anything over us in terms of ability and aptitude.  so.

so that xmas i got us a novice tattoo set up.

it’s a little intimidating.  it’s been taken in and out of the box, assembled, turned on, then disassembled and reboxed several times over the past couple years.  a few months ago we made progress and tattoo-drew a bit on some practice skin…watched more than a few youtubes, ordered a couple of mildly helpful books…

this weekend i figured out how to use the stencil paper, and how to get the image to transfer.  it’s getting more intuitive putting the machine together. so now. citrus beware. i’m coming for you.

jackrabbit tattoo (c) coco corral

jack. rabbit.

both gil and i have a lot of ideas for just simple line work so that’s all we’re really trying to achieve here. adornment and flow. it absolutely ties in to what we’re doing already.  gil’s convinced i’m ready to tattoo him now.  i’d rather try something on myself first just to get a sense of how what i’m doing feels. ? at any rate, i’ll keep you posted.

our favorite tattoo artist ever ever ever?  why, that would be paul zenk (or many of the fine folks) at infinity tattoo in pdx.  if you’re there and you want to and you can, you should.



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