thursday thursday. early april 2012.

diamond ring by lovinganvila custom, three diamond ring made recently.  what a joy it was to make. xoxo


the author i enjoy reading most. … nikos kazantzakis.  my mom gave me freedom or death — somewhere near my 15th or 16th birthday.  it started there and i’ve read most of his work.  some of the travelogues are hard to get ones hands on now.  i miss lingering in powells, monitoring any new (old) books of his that came in.  i would cruise there, and paul bowles, and the lithuanian section when i had some time downtown.  gil, miss cv and i were there lots while in pdx this past summer and fall.  miss cv loved it, sitting and just reading and reading on her own…and we were thrilled to share it with her.

but i set out to share my favorite passage from freedom or death.  i can’t find it right now.  i used to have a particular printing…the one my mom gave me.  it got left behind somewhere along the line.  i remember reading it when we were living in indiana — starting it, anyways.  kazantzakis is a bit rich and i tend to spend time luxuriating within the passages…reading and rereading.  i read it again when gil and i were living in albuquerque.  i had this particular passage earmarked and outlined in that book.

i remember realizing it wasn’t in our library while living in our second portland apartment, and finally found the printing i have now at powells.  but i miss the first book.  it was larger and heavier and had my mom’s inscription and my notes.

i wanted to share the passage but i’ve spent too much time looking for it and i’m starting to feel a bit frustrated and rushed.  i’ll find it when i find it and share it then.  it’s been good looking through it, today, tho.  i must have needed it — skimming through these pages.  i also remember reading it in our student apartment in albuquerque.  gil and i had our studio set up in what was meant to be the living room and it was late late late and gil was painting and i was reading and the windows were open and it was a nice, dark night and reading the last page, the last words, truly caused me to gasp and break down in tears.

it’s my favorite.




2 responses to “thursday thursday. early april 2012.

  1. Hey Love..there is a fabulous store in Asheville called Downtown Books and News..a good resource..and I will check my local place in Tempe..they have a funky, dark store full of treasures..anything else you might be looking for..let me know!

  2. Very pretty ring. Find that Kazantzakis passage, not that you’re not busy enough! I’m totally intrigued.

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