wednesday wednesday. mid march 2012

this is what i’ve been listening to today.

work work work work work.  i mean, work is wonderful, and i love what we’re doing, but let’s discuss a couple other things.

yes.  let’s.

i’ve really really really been enjoying listening to the black crowes lately.  whatever.  it’s been a while and it seems like their time has come back around, at least for my needs.  so yesterday i promptly set up a black crowes pandora station.  well…we can all imagine how that went downhill quick.  i tried to keep it to the likes of the rolling stones, allman brothers, lynyrd skynyrd, etc etc.  but was quickly informed by pandora that i had reached my maximum number of skips tolerated for the hour.

this is the kind of thing that i enjoy sharing with gil at the end of the day.  random details, random bits.  but i KNEW how this particular conversation would go.  that’s way too much southern rock for gil to process, and any mention of my affinity for lynyrd skynyrd gets him questioning the basis of our relationship.  well, maybe that’s a bit extreme, but he does hold the two years i lived in indiana as a fundamental detriment.

as the story goes, and it’s true, lynyrd skynyrd was the first band invited to play our hogfarm barn — for a new year’s eve show more than a few years ago. invitations were also extended to beck, broken social scene, carla bozulich, tanya donelly, and marigold.  the offer was as follows:  no pay, but an attentive audience, good tequila, access to a vintage atari with good games, a comfy place to sleep and a home cooked breakfast.  we received responses from just about everyone, (politely declining) including the lynyrds.  or at least some agent-type handler somewhere along the line.

but i digress.  that’s not the point of all this.

since i kept going back to the computer yesterday to thumbs down what i deemed unworthy to be in my rocknroll mix, i took a little time to read on, and then compare and contrast lynyrd skynyrd with allman brothers history.  i’ve also done a little research on molly hatchet and feel pretty well versed on the black crowes.  i had planned to go on a bit about it here.  …but i won’t.  maybe.  well, i will say that should one receive an invitation to join lynyrd skynard or the allman brothers, one should really weigh an acceptance decision carefully.  as far as i can tell, they got some kind of crazy track record with losing band members.

today so far has been filled with barbara lynn, dick dale and the likes.  altho i just discovered some kind of crazy awesomeness at  did you know about all this?  dang.  don’t hold out like that. bigbang is my fave.

free bird!



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