wednesday wednesday. leapin late february, 2012

jumpleaphop! happy happy, everybody.

trying to focus and get back to work — !  lots of good energy which is amazing.

we are so taken by ms. spalding and how lovely her energy and voice and grace and performance and appearance was at the oscars, and just is in general.  the beauty of the song and the delivery and and and.  it’s too much.  what an honor to see our work don her hand in such a tremendous forum.


i want to mention, again, the awesomeness of ms. tamara horton and her team over at NewYorkDesigner.  and i will continue to refer to and praise them in future posts i’m certain.  not only do they champion their talent/designers/artists, they also do amazing work with the growing ProjectNYDProjectNYD works with young women in ethiopia, bringing occupational training and medical care to some of the most depleted areas of the country.  lovinganvil will team up with ProjectNYD to style some super awesome styliness in the near future.

and right now, we’ll do a black or blue massive heart knuckle ring offered exclusively via  black/blue.  get it?  so totally rocknroll.  right ON.  so if you’re looking for your own version of the esperanza oscar ring, check out the options at our shop here.

found the song and video here for esperanza spalding’s performance at the academy awards!  it’s on



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