monday monday. late february 2012

esperanza spaulding photo credit getty images

esperanza spalding wearing lovinganvil

oh wow.  she is so stunning.  the song was so beautiful, and beautifully sang.  and we’re so honored and proud that she wore our ring.

i know we watched with tears on our cheeks, and apparently many others were quite taken with esperanza spalding’s oscars performance.

esperanza spalding at the 2012 acadamy awards

esperanza spalding singing what a wonderful world at the 2012 academy awards. and wearing our heart agate knuckle ring.

as written by mtv:

Spalding’s beautiful take on the Louis Armstrong standard was the perfect accompaniment to a moving In Memoriam tribute. Spalding stood in front of a choir as her voice lifted in the Kodak Theatre while the names and faces of Hollywood legends lost were projected in stark black and white behind her.

It was a performance that allowed millions to see what Grammy voters had already seen in her last year.


we have a small, old old old color tv so it was a little hard for us to see at first.  i’m so thankful for the articles the internets is posting this morning.

gracias y mas y mas.


esperanza spalding, photo credit, getty images



6 responses to “monday monday. late february 2012

  1. Beautiful ring. Beautiful Woman.

    Nice work Coco. xo to you.

  2. Congrats on going Hollywood;) xoxo

  3. Hoorah for Loving Anvil! You must have been tingling a bit? Well, through the squinting. ; )

  4. I watched every minute of the oscars and the minute I saw the big hair and heard that voice, I looked for the ring. I thought I had missed it during the grammys. So so happy to see your beautiful work on Esperanza! What a wow!

  5. WOWIE ZOWIE ! My eyes just about popped out of my head when I saw the flash of what i thought was The Infamous Ring. I lunged towards the tv but alas it had faded. dynamite. dont forget me when you’re rich and famous.

  6. What a great post, just noticed it today, nothing like running behind.
    The ring looks great, what a nice job. congrats to you. Everyone needs a ring like that :o) You have made me famous among my friends. Who would a thought?

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