wednesday wednesday. mid february 2012

crow by coco corral (c) 2012


i couldn’t decide whether to have cream cheese or butter on my bagel this morning.  so i settled on half of each.  i think i enjoyed the butter side more.  either way, i’m not sure i really wanted a bagel.  of course i’ve discovered this after eating the whole thing.

been drinking a lot of mat’e lately.  gil has done some research and we’re getting better at preparing it.  i love the bombillas.  we had natural gourds but i don’t think i did a very good job curing them.  i can try again.  or something.  i’m on a quest for one that really grabs me.

a flurry of orders which is lovely.  so i’m working at the bench today.  i’m also hoping to have some time at the end of the day to work crows, dolls and marionettes.  but that might be a bit unreasonable.

alreadyalreadyalready i need to shake a tail feather.



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