tuesday tuesday. early mid february, 2012.

ms. esperanza spalding

it’s tuesday. must be blogday.

so i’m going to cut to the chase.  esperanza spalding, who won best new artist at the grammys last year, will be wearing lovinganvil at this year’s grammys, airing this sunday.  YEY!  we are over the moon and so honored!

by lovinganvil

by lovinganvil- these rings will adorn ms. esperanza spalding's fingers at the grammy awards this sunday, feb 12, 2012

the amazing ms. horton, with new york designer and project nyd, helped the stars align the way they needed to align!  we could not be happier to be working with esperanza and tamara and everyone involved!

right now, it appears ms. spalding will wear the iconic agate heart knuckle ring on the red carpet and the picture jasper farrah ring on stage.  — i gotta figure out how to hook up our vcr.  it’s been a while. …oh man.  do we even have blank tapes?  uhmmmm.  i might have to think this through…

on that note, check out this video.  amazing.



6 responses to “tuesday tuesday. early mid february, 2012.

  1. I am so proud for you ..You know I love your pretties and am so happy that she does too!!
    Ms. Corky

  2. Hot Damn pal ! What a woman to be adorned by your singular/stunning creations on the red carpet ! You better believe I’ll be tuned in and glued to the set waiting to see ms.spaulding flash those magnificent rings.
    ~ A.Mame

    • BUNNY! mi amor. thanks so much and cannot wait for another night out with you and miss spitfire and just to be infused with all things you!!!

      • yes, another festival of mischief with miss c.v.and an evening just you, me ( 2 dames/old pals catching up ) and a bottle of the smoothest ephiphany inducing tequilla.

  3. Maria Elena Cepeda

    ¡¡¡Felicidades!!! That’s some well-deserved recognition…and Esperanza Spalding es tan bella that only your creations would do on her. Two talented Latinas kicking culo. Need I say more (except, again, ¡¡¡Felicidades!!!)

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