wednesday wednesday. early january 2012


nice!  that was fun to type.  2012.

and it’s been a while since i’ve posted…the holiday season came up fast, and passed by fast, and here we are on the other side.  whatever that means.  i am feeling like i needed more time to just sit and be still and bathe in the awesomeness that is miss cv and gil.  and our friends/family.  maybe since 2011 was such a freaked out year, i needed more repair time.  whatever the reason.

so today is the first day officially back at it.  before i tackle posting a bunch of new necklaces and roach clips to etsy, i needed (ahem) to finish the frame of my christmas puzzle.  it’s not quite as indulgently angsty as last year’s, but still has lots of vague pattern in which to get lost for a bit.  i can’t find the last piece of the frame…i have to let it go for now.  it’ll turn up.

happy new year and here’s to all sorts of good stuff y mas y mas.



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