friday friday. early mid december 2011

the weekend’s activities at bandaloop for prelude was totally a good time.  talented, lovely people, fabulous and relaxed atmosphere.  and a cocktail mystery solved, to boot.

about three years ago i was sitting in pastis with gil, miss cv, armando, and some of his fashion cohorts.  at some point i was sipping on a lovely elixir of this and that, and was moved enough to ask the folks pouring for the recipe.  i remember the answer was delivered in a mix of english and spanish, most of which i comprehended.

except for one stumbling block.

there are two scraps of paper from the conversation.  on one, the recipe written by me.  the other, the recipe written by the bar tender.  mine actually is mostly in spanish, copying what he dictated to me.  his is pretty much all in english, and with a penmanship so distinctly un-american. european/central american/asian – heck, even canadian folk seem to have a flourish of the pen that is somehow squeeze out of us or never put into us who have gone through the u.s.a. school system.

but i digress.  in both written recipes, it’s the same word that i can’t get.  colvados.  callaedos, calyedos…and it seemed really important.

well, it’s the smart cookies at bandaloop that figured it out. (and vida that came up with the brilliant idea of googling what we did know to see if we could force a match.)

st germain
simply syrup
fresh lemon

voila.  i recommend it highly!  as it turns out, we did not have calvados but it was remedied by madly shaking a fresh apple with regular brandy.  BRILLIANT.

…so on the recipe that i’ve had, and been packing around with me for over two years, suddenly has gone missing now as i write this post.  it’s ok, i guess.  i’m not a stickler for ratios, which was written down.  on that little piece of paper.  that is now not in my wallet.  where it’s always been.


thank you, bandaloop, that was a lot of fun.


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