friday friday. mid october 2011

99percent badges by lovinganvil

99percent badges by lovinganvil - find them at

¡ADELANTE liberty park! ¡ADELANTE occupy!

we’re etching these badges, about the size of a nickel.  and they have the feel of a currency coin, we noticed.  not that we recommend shoving these in toll booths or parking meters or the like.


this is exciting and historical and of a new way.  and a grander, more encompassing stance.  we don’t all have to agree on everything all the time.  and homogeneity and complete compliance is a bit boring, if not a bit (very) scary — and all dogmas and lack of should find ownership and investment in the nationwide and worldwide occupation.

wait.  i’m not done.  i think i’m on a roll.

assertions hellbent on stratifying and dividing are transparent in their motivation and should be ignored.  i’m not scared to hang out/unite with folks who may not share all of the same opinions — it’s one thing that is so very exciting about the 99% – something for the first time in a long time that seems smarter than how the mass population has been more commonly portrayed.

right ON.

99percentpins lovinganvil

occupy! occupy! occupy!

so a lapel or hat pin or tie tack or broach to wear in solidarity and support. three styles and two price options.  this one helps the artists (hi and hi) a little – this one helps the artists help occupy a little more.



One response to “friday friday. mid october 2011

  1. Linda Spauldling

    Very cool !!! Good for you. I love your philosophy. We all have different reasons for wanting change but it all comes down to the fundamental NEED for change. We accidentally stumbled into ABQ’s activities today on our way to lunch near UNM. It was great. We were a HONKING part of the parade as we drove down Central amid hundreds of people with signs and messages. We yelled at them to thank them for being there as we drove thru. It was great to be a tiny little part of it – even if by accident. I hope everyone keeps it up. I salute you for your ingenuity and imagination with the pins!!!!! Love you . . . auntie lala and uncle spalducci

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