monday monday. early october 2011

mother nature does with a quick wink what takes me hours of hammers, files and flame.

holy carp.  it’s been so long i’m surprised wordpress even recognizes me.  well.  it does.  and i’m in.  and we’re home.  and in our studio.  OUR studio.  which is the best.  it was exciting working in a makeshift garage workspace and working with the lovely folks at dava bead helping out so very much.  but there’s nothing like having access to all one’s stuff.  tools and supplies and items and printers and scanners and tea and snacks and flax seeds and stuff.

very inspirational trip.  three months.  actually a bit over three months on the road.  seeing stuff, doing stuff, hanging out in stuff.  it was very necessary.  and so many friends and i can’t think of a time where it didn’t feel like we hardly missed a beat.  and we wished we could have seen and done more.  there was lots that had to get scaled back or omitted due to time and energy and i guess the all powerful dollar.  but usually it was exhaustion that caught up with us.  so it goes.  and it went beautifully.

our makeshift studio

we actually planned to be back much sooner, and ended up getting caught up in pdx (a lovely place to get caught up in, for sure) with an amazing job that found us making a substantial quantity of a custom item for stumptown coffee roasters‘ very stylie-awesome gift boxes.

lovinganvil was recommended to stumptown as artists that could handle the job.  we were honored and excited to work with such a stellar company.  it was a bit intense (read that, very very stressful) to organize and produce a design and production job over 3000 miles from our home studio — but the pdx artistic community lent a helping hand and we LOVE the design and the product.  and, of course, stumptown’s vision and commitment to the artist/artisan, the independent and handmade.

the items look and feel one part whoooareyou, two parts old apothecary and a dash of absinthe haze thrown in for good measure.  and as any good collaboration is wont to do, it’s inspired a whole line for lovinganvil design.  it was lovely reacquainting with brass and etch and mechanics.

work and wine

between the wide open western skies, the summeroflove california coast, the quiet beauty of the desert, and the simultaneously vibrant and moody northwest, our cup runneth over.  oh, and lots of friendship and conversations and libations and repast and so on.

and what a lovely time to find oneself in new england again.  hello, fall.  so very nice to see you.



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