friday friday. late mid august, 2011

at a rumored haunted bordello turned ...well, restaurant.

portland, oregon, you are a lovely place.  our friends keep warning us that the weather is quite deceiving right now.  i guess there’s been a long, cool, wet, gray spell leading up to august, and folks of the whole area feel a bit robbed, cheated and mistreated by mother nature.  but it sure is lovely now, and the town is so much dang-ol fun.

miss cv and lily visiting our very very good friend, bunny.

we went by our house on se washington and our old apartment on se belmont.  lots have (has?) changed and other things feel very familiar and touring the town is like hanging out with an old friend.  sure the buildings are taller and sparklier and there are all sorts of fabulous places to eat and shop and – you know what i miss so much is all of the parks and spectacular places to walk.  neighborhoods, parks, paths, streets.  we walked all the time when we lived here.  mt tabor, laurelhurst…rain or …more rain.  or mist or gray.  we walked.

clowning with bunny!

at any rate.  good to see you, portland old friend, with your new clothes on.  let’s play some more.

clowing with jim.



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