sunday sunday. late july 2011

lovinganvil treats packaged up and headed for the portland musum of art

oh man.  got here to gil’s family here in washington, about forty minutes outside of pdx.  can’t wait to get in to town.  but catching up on some work and whatnot for a day or two.  and showering.  and doing laundry.

i’ll update on san fran y mas…but got the sweetest note yesterday from a woman that bought one of my rings from the portland (maine) museum of art…and i’m realizing there was a lot of good art stuff happening for us right as we were leaving southern maine that i have yet to mention here.

i need to update the “where to find lovinganvil” page here…three LOVELY locations have added our line.  so happy to be represented by fourtwelve in rockland, maine, the portland museum of art shop in portland, maine and our second season with daytrip society in kennebunkport, maine!  YEY!

gil now has representation with elizabeth moss gallery in falmouth, maine.  we also have el chicharron news in the works as well.  watch this space.  and we’re about to send out a newsletter with lots of details and goodstuff about all of these things.

oh, you’d like to get our newsletter?  we’re honored!  email us at info at hogfarmstudios dot com with the word SUBSCRIBE in the subject line and we’ll get you all signed up!



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