Saturday Saturday. Late mid july 2011

swimming in the pacific. san diego.

Posting from the corralmobile while driving up I-5 from los angeles to san fran. We’re on the long flats, surrounded by orchards and grapevines…fields and fields of other lovely produce. Passing large semitrucks pulling one or two trailers piled full of lemons or limes or tomatoes. It looks abundant and mellow and very nice.

miss cv getting ready to ride it's a small world.

So we survived disneyland. I’m not going to say a whole lot about it. Let’s leave it at this: july is not a good time to throw oneself into the belly of that beast.  The crowds are…offensive. but cv had an amazing time and loved it and gil’s mom made sure she was princess royalty. So you know.

unbridled joy

Before meeting up with grandma in anaheim, cv, gil and I hung out in san diego and even ventured to seaworld. (Which we thought was crowded until we were learned better.)   It was our first view and feel of pacific waters. That was awesome.

the water is amazing

We all got in and swam. Spent some time watching the surfers…changed our clothes in our vw van after rinsing in beachside showers…totally felt like the hippiebeachlove family. Dog and bunny included. It was awesome.

summer of love



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