tuesday tuesday. late early july 2011

near los cuates after our first big new mexico meal...

we pulled into town and made our way to los cuates where cv had her first ever sopapilla with honey.  YUM.  whatever.


drove around our old neighborhood and walked around campus – miss cv fell in LOVE with the duck pond where we saw …well, ducks, but also lots of turtles and HUGE koi and a tree decorated with hummingbirds!!!

on unm campus

it took our breath away — once we focused in we realized more and more and more !  campus was empty but lovely — a few popsicle vendors…no matter what i will always have a soft spot for unm.

our first apartment!

we stayed three glorious nights with our friends of almost twenty years in placitas.  they have a dreamy setup — high desert, mountain views all around (altho, sadly, new mexico is burning and the smoke obscured the jemez and los vegas views — that’s las vegas new mexico, not nevada…)

cv and auntie lala filling up the trough for the horses

we saw wild horses, cottontailed bunnies, all kinds of lizards, and best of all – a jackrabbit!!  cv was absolutely and especially psyched to see the jackrabbit – i hope s/he got a sense of what a superstar it is!

auntie lala and oliver meeting lily

for the fourth of july, miss cv, auntie lala and i went to the placitas parade.  placitas is a small village just north of albuquerque.  the parade was so funny, mostly fire trucks and a few other floats — but what really set it apart for me was the water balloon and supersoaker battle between the spectators and the folks in the parade.

at the parade

it was well over 90 degrees, prolly over 100 in the full sun – so getting doused in water was actually welcomed…after recovering from the shock.  but kids and adults alike were heaving waterballoons into the open fire truck windows and a steady stream of watergun firing at anyone sitting on a slow moving float…!  chaos!

the casita we stayed in, up the hill from linda and steve's - built by neighbor and ceramic artist, daisy. thank you, daisy, for the wonderful accomodations!

we cooked our july 4 feast indoors as outdoor cooking had been civic-ly nixed in most places.  which brings me to the fireworks that we went to see at the albuquerque balloon fiesta grounds that evening.  i’ll tackle that story tomorrow.  right now, the hotel pool is calling miss cv and i…!

miss cv and raja walking down the hill for breakfast at auntie lala's...



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