thursday thursday. late june 2011

ok.  once again, it’s not thursday, it’s saturday.  i’ll catch up soon.  but i wrote this then so …please step back in time…

our captain and songsmith

eddie money.  two tickets to paradise.  i never really cared for the song but now with a little modification, i’ve grown to kind of love it. the first time it surfaced on our trip was near wilkes-barre penn, and we were feeling pretty blissed out anyways, in our white vw van hurdling through time and space. and gil started singing i’ve got five tickets to paradise…and it broke my heart in the most lovely way! five tickets…for not only chloe, gil and I but also raja and bunny lily, too. because lord knows, they are with us.  i mean. really. it’s awesome. the whole family package… i couldn’t help but burst into tears it was so sweet!

co-pilot and activities director

so today we’re rolling though rolla, missouri …which is where we shoulda stayed last nite instead of the pisshole we ended up in in st louis after the GREAT RACK FIASCO of the corral road trip (i don’t want to talk about it.) and i’m realizing i’ve been mispronouncing it roll-a, and its actually rah-la (damn yankee). and gil and i are kind of giggling that this is our honeymoon since we never actually took one, sixteen years ago. and gil starts singing “i’ve got five tickets to paradise” and we’re laughing about that and at that very actual moment THAT SONG came on the radio.  the opening notes and gil and i are staring at each other, mouths open –

miss cv! it's a pokemon kind of summer!

and I totally burst into tears. so…great, from here on out i’m gonna be all emotional when I hear eddie money two tickets to paradise. it would not have been my choice if you had asked me, but life doesn’t work that way, anyways.

raja and lily...


p.s. happy birthday, mom


One response to “thursday thursday. late june 2011

  1. ok i finally read the whole blog because i am already missing you and i’m waiting for the posts about fire at the fireworks, the jack rabbit and wild horse sightings, and the decadent july4 meal. waiting eagerly and patiently for your return and for a few more precious hours with you all. love lala

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