wednesday wedneday. late june 2011

camp corral - the fire flies (oh, wait, lightening bugs i should say) decorated our site at sundown

ok, i realize it’s totally not wednesday, but i meant to post this then, and didn’t.  so i do a little catch up here.  if you would, please step (two days) back in time with me:

oh indiana, how i love thee.  it’s so lovely to see you again.  my parents moved our family from iowa city, iowa to muncie, indiana when i was about sixteen years old.  today, on our way to our next stopover, we passed a sign for muncie and toyed with the idea of driving to my old home and taking a few photos…but it was 41 miles north and out of our way.  dang.

one thing i do remember from our move back then was the new and liberal use of daaaaaaaaaaaaang.  dang.  said with a long, long drawl.  and that most women running the various cash registers we’d attend would invariably call us “honey” or “sugar” — which i absolutely LOVED once i got used to it.

not much has changed, and i still love it.

we stayed in greenville, indiana at the koa there.  the closest one to indianapolis AND the indy 500.  it’s not indy 500 season right now so there’s LOTS of space for us at the koa.  plus most of the campers (lovely, kind folk) are in their rvs so we’re on the other side of the grounds.

oh indiana, and your people are mighty, mighty kind.  learning from past mistakes, we stopped before reaching the campgrounds at a gasstation/ liquorstore combo where gil procured a bottle of our second favorite tequila.  the cashier, after addressing him as sugar and upon carding him, wished him a happy belated birthday and cooed, oh geminis, i love geminis.  to which he answered, you should tell my wife. (i do have a few geminis in my life and really, they are two for the price of one…)  and the next morning, while i was standing in line at the mcdonalds (sigh) getting our breakfast sandwiches, the elderly-ish woman behind me tapped me on the shoulder and whispered, honey, your bra strap is all twisted…may i?  and proceeded to untwist my strap and make sure i looked put together and in order (with my campfire scented tie-died tanktop and crazy camping hair).  and we went on to chat about how sometimes you just end up getting involved in other people’s business and so on and it was a lovely way to pass the time in line.

oh, indiana.  even with the unsettling and extensive use of billboards for preaching purposes, and where most people opt for “in god we trust” option on their license plates, and the forty foot tall gleaming white crosses dotting the landscape, and the bible verse taped to just about every counter and billboard, and the endless supply of not-old country radio stations, i look forward to meeting again.



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