Tuesday Tuesday. Late june 2011




Ok. I’m posting from my phone so there’ll be all kinds of correct use of capitalization. Which bothers me. I prefer the ee cummings approach, myself. But I don’t know how to make it stop. My phone, that is. Damn smart phone.

Miss cv is TOTALLY swimming under water now! It’s sooooo cool. All of a sudden things just clicked for her yesterday! And she’s crazy fast with her flippers. It’s soooooo awesome!  Of course, with all the time in these over chlorinated pools my skin is slowly wearing away…

Kent is a cool college town for sure, with a flavor I haven’t seen a while. Not that the days inn right off the highway was much of an indicator, claro. But learning from the previous night’s mistakes (read yesterday’s post) we called around a bit and were pleased and relieved to find that not only can one buy whiskey and the like, but one could do so up until at least ten pm. So after we got checked in and miss cv in the pool, gil set off with the gps programmed for the nearest liquor store.

And guess what.  Guess what!

It was an effing drive-thru liquor store! Gil returned grinning from ear to ear! He’s been bitching about the demise of the drive thru liquor store since right before we moved from new mexico they shut down the last one in albuqurque.  !

Now, there is one sad note to this story. Belugi, our vw eurovan, with her cargo carrier rack, stands 7 feet, 4 inches tall.  Too tall for the lovely drive thru liquor store. But gil persevered! He was enthusiastically invited into the supply room by the proprietor and offered browsing privileges.  Whiskey is still the goal, here, and apparently there was no makers mark, knob creek or even jack daniels.  The proprietor, again quite enthusiastically, sold gil on..saying “my friend, this is the good stuff, my friend.  42proof, see? The good stuff.”

Heck yeah it is.


the good stuff

So kent. The room wasn’t quite as clean as the night before, but Heated outdoor pool, drive thru liquor store, more cotton-tailed wild bunnies, and super nice folks all around goes a long ways.



One response to “Tuesday Tuesday. Late june 2011

  1. Yay Chloe (for swimming under water)! Yay Gil (for steadfastness at the drive-thru)! Yay Coco (for posting these great blogs)!

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