monday monday. late june 2011

chowchow yearning

danville, penn. that’s where we are. we were aiming for bellefonte, penn – to a koa there. but after our harrowing night in the berkshires (caused, i guess, by the opening night of the boston symphony at tanglewood, jeff tweedy and his crew, and the need for soooo many people to get married in june), we needed a real bed, bathroom, chairs and walls. so we found a very old skool days inn that feels like the ritz carton after the previous hotel. and for about a third of the cost. kind of disturbing if you think about it. but really, now i’m not saying ridiculous things to miss cv like “don’t touch the floor” or “don’t rub your head on the pillow!” it’s situations like this that give parents a bad name…a heavy dose of concern mixed with insanity tends to cause stupid statements. and some serious eight-year-old eye rolling.

it has an indoor pool, which is awesome and just what we were looking for for miss cv. and i bet this place was pretty swank in the 1950’s/1960’s. the pool atrium is awesome! and they’ve done what they can to maintain it. or keep it clean without remodeling, which just makes it a bit melancholy and way cooler. …

we have a door that opens up from the room right to where our van is parked (see photo)…which makes getting raja and lily to and from a snap. he’s mad at me right now. raja is. he was enjoying looking out the window and people started moving around outside so he started woofing so i closed the curtains and scolded his chowchow head and currently he’s sitting on the other side of the room with his back to me and won’t even respond to my invitation to come back to his post and look around now that i’ve opened the curtains again. sigh.

so the only real issue with this hotel (motor inn) that’s kept it from being one of my top ten ever is you (meaning us) can’t buy a bottle of whiskey in danville on sunday. that was a bit of a heart break. live and learn. we passed many a hi-way side liquor store thus far. from here on out we’ll be better prepared. i have a feeling many of our traveling bard friends would not have found themselves in such a predicament.

OH and another lovely part about danville, penn is the f i r e f l i e s! i haven’t seen fireflies like that since i lived in iowa! it was LOVELY. lots and lots and lots of them rising up just after dark. it was miss cv’s first experience with fireflies like that — maybe gil’s, too! he had lots of questions. mostly why? and how? over and over. so we’ll do a little research later. impromptu homeschooling sessions. the hows and whys of fireflies.



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