monday monday. early may 2011

had one cuppa coffee this morning — first one in a while, i’ll get to that later.  and it was really nice.  so i poured myself another.  had one sip of that and immediatley felt it hit my veins in all of its electrified spazzed out acidity.  quickly poured the whole thing out in the grass.  i don’t need that edged out, bug-eyed, uncomfy feeling today.  i’d also like to note that you (meaning i) can live and learn.  sure, maybe i have ignored the warning signs over a thousand (or at least over two hundred) times, but the important thing here is that your (my) behavior can be modified.

hot stove. ouch! hot stove. ouch!  hot stove. ouch! hot stove. oh, no thank you, i have an idea what might happen here.

on that note.  i think what i want is a hot (hot stove) drink.  so boiled water and lemon and ginger (out of cayenne, of all dang things.)  which i really do dig.  i should have had it before my coffee and my three day old half eaten chocolate chip scone from trader joes.  but c’mon now, you (i) can’t really expect that much from the morning.  plus it feels like it’ll have a good dose of vitamin c.  which brings me to the next part of my meanderings.

i have one eye, my right eye, that is completely blood shot right now.  right.  my right nostril and associated passageways are completely plugged and i think my hearing is compromised in my right ear.  and the right side of my jaw aches.  so.  so i know that i’ve got serious sinus issues.  i don’t want to go to the doctor cuz all they’re gonna do is give me antibiotic.  it’s the only tool, right?  so let’s wait.  i thought, a couple days ago, that the neti pot might help.  i filled it up with warm water and a little sea salt, positioned my noggin over the sink, tilted sideways and poured water into my right nostril.

waited.  waited.

and then got a trickle out of my left nostril.  success!  felt weird, but mostly familiar.  always reminds me of the pain involved with learning to swim underwater when i was a pip.

so.  figured i better flip around and do the other nostril.  water in the left side.

waited.  waited.        waited.


not much water came out the otherside and as far as i can tell it got lost somewhere in the back of my head and now my eye is all bloodshot.  i keep trying to get a glimpse of a new profile angle to see if one eye is sticking out farther than the other.  or trying to really pay attention to see if it feels like one eyelid has to stretch more when i blink.  collected data is currently inconclusive.

i dunno.  i’m really not that concerned.  more amused.  and uncomfortable.   actually, it looks better today than it did yesterday.  as long as it looks better tomorrow than today, i’ll avoid the doctor’s office.

off to saw silver.



One response to “monday monday. early may 2011

  1. If your blowing out a yellow/green fluorescent snot- you have a sinus infection that needs antibiotics.

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