tuesday tuesday. early mid april 2011.


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a couple of mornings ago, as i’m getting cv and myself ready for the day (so it’s early) she asks:

mommy, why did jesus die?

and i’m thinking – wha? uhm. right now? we’re gonna do this now?

ok.  well, he died because the government at that time didn’t like what he was saying and thought he was getting people all wound up so they wanted to make an example of him to let other people know they meant business.

but i still don’t understand why he died

sure, ok.  well, he was alive during a time where it was important to keep the mass of the population pretty timid so they wouldn’t organize and take power away from the few people that were making the decisions…and he was talking about all of this peace and love and do your own thing stuff that could really appeal to people and make things harder for the government so they got a hold of him and killed him where everyone could see.  (damn, this is gruesome pre-coffee talk…)

…*frowny face and head shaking*  but why did he die?

his buddy turned him in, they say, so the police found him.

i’m just about to say “you know, maybe we need to ask your dad since he’s the world religion guy and most of what i know about christianity i learned from reading the last temptation of christ and i must be missing something here…

and then it hits me.

OH.  like, literally how did hanging from the cross kill him? OH I GET IT NOW, sorry (pre-coffee, i meantioned that already, yes?)

ok, so sure the nails and the crown of thorns and being poked by other sharp things causes a lot of bleeding but i remember reading somewhere that it’s really the diaphragm that starts to give up so you can’t really inhale anymore and suffocate that way…crucifixion does a person in a number of ways…

OOOOOH, now i get it. *whew, good work, mom* and they just let him hang there? *damn, another good question.*

*sigh* well, all through history people have figured out really really horrible and horrifying things to do to each other, so…it can be part of human nature and sometimes governments do take peoples lives…actually the united states has a death penalty where if someone is put in jail for doing something really really horrible they can end up being killed by the government — they try to use ways that aren’t as violent as crucifixion …and then i muttered more stuff about capital punishment and the judiciary system and other stuff too damn intense for 7:38 am.

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2 responses to “tuesday tuesday. early mid april 2011.

  1. Why didn’t you just tell her the truth: that Jesus died because the Jews killed him.

    That is the best kid/parent conversation I’ve heard in awhile. My nephew recently asked my sister (as they were driving on SE Foster Rd.) what “exotic dancers” were. (A little background info: they have an exotic pet shop near their house in SW Portland and visit it regularly.) He asked if it was “a place where iguanas and peacocks dance.”

    “Ummm, no”, she told him. “Actually, it’s when people take off their clothes and dance naked.”

    “Why in the WORLD would anyone EVER want to do THAT?!?!”

    Your conversation with Chloe was decidedly more challenging, however.

  2. holé molé, hon, that is FUNNY!

    and now i’m confused. better go reread the last temptation again!
    xoxoxoxoxox y mas y mas

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