monday monday. late march 2011

it’s almost april.  wasn’t this supposed to be lion lamb action this month?  really i gotta focus and do our taxes.  let the good times roll.

so rajabear had a birthday last week and miss cv was counting down to the big day, looking forward to making him a dogsafe cake and drawing him a picture and wrapping gifts and whatnot.  well.  his day fell on a wednesday — school/work/chaos day.  by the time i realized it was almost the end of the day!   i tried to think fast and save it mom-style — so i reminded her we usually celebrate birthdays on the closest weekend…so.

so sunday we baked raja a cake and she drew an awesome card and wrapped some treats for our sweet orange menace.  raja knew good stuff was up, for sure. gil took him for a run. which, when you’re a pup turning 14 (…or 15…we’ve kinda lost count), it is a little shorter than it used to be.

cv and i went to target to gather some of the ingredients…one of which was beef baby food.  yeeeesh.  even at the checkout counter the cashier paused to study the gerber jars.  i felt compelled to explain that it was for a dog’s birthday cake, not to feed a mini.  she answered she was relieved and thinking “poor baby” for the tyke that would be fed the beef goo.

…but you know.  it was the last two jars of the beef goo on the shelf.  and none of the various babyfood offereings looks passable as far as i’m concerned.  but that’s neither here nor there.  it worked quite well for the chowchow/rottweiler-head.  which is all that mattered.

and his first birthday cake EVER.  so he can thank miss cv for that.



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