thursday thursday. mid march 2011

full on freak out while driving miss cv to school this morning.  neither of us were wearing any green.  anywhere.  not even a green elastic on the ol’ underwear waistband.  so.

so.  we pulled over and discussed the option of heading home for a quick wardrobe adjustment.  decided since we were already late this wasn’t the best solution.  dig dig dig.  found a green spearmint disk that she could keep in her pocket.  this was met with extreme lack of enthusiasm.

dig dig dig.  OH look.  a bright green pencil with a GREEN eraser, to boot.  wound into hair to hold up a bun, see?  ok.  sortof.  hmmm.

dig dig dig – SCORE, look!  a green hair clip with a green flower on it!  cool!  ok.  wear it to hold back a couple strands of bangs or clipped to a shirt collar.  perfect.

crisis averted.  no pinches for our girl today.  whew.  and she got to eat the spearmint disk.   at home i’ve found our venue pin where the lettering is green around the edge.  safe!  wonder how gil’s faring.  not that i envision anyone will attempt to pinch him.  besided cv and i.




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