thursday thursday. late early march 2011.

any kombucha drinkers out there?

i happen to really like the stuff.  i haven’t taken the plunge to scobies and brewing our own and all that goodness yet.  we have one dog, three bunnies, three turtles and a table full of cactus.  add that to gil, miss cv, and myself roaming around the homestead and the idea of one more living thing that needs any sort of monitoring gives me pause.

so i’ll stick to the vended, bottled variety for now.  i guess.

but that’s what this is about.
i just got carded for my kombucha purchase.  carded.  and then the guy at the check out counter said, “well, you better not send her (gesturing to our daughter) to buy this stuff for you.” …which once again, derailed me a bit – as many conversations in this geographic area seem to do.  i mean, i’m not sending miss cv to the store to do our shopping regardless.  so.  so

…where was i…

oh RIGHT.  carded for kombucha.  is this a maine thing?  a national thing?  a biddeford thing?  or even just a biddeford hannaford thing?  it’s new.  i didn’t used to get carded for buying kombucha.  even maybe a month ago i didn’t.  i can’t quite remember now.  the last several times i’ve purchased kombucha happened to be at the fancypants youknowwho store in portland, maine.  and i was carded there, but my thought is it was because of the multiple bottles of brooklyn brewing high octane brews i was purchasing.  so you know.  well now i guess i’m not clear on what triggered the whole carding thing there, then.  i mean, i would GUESS that it was the beer and not the kombucha. right?

and i’ve spent some time looking at the bottle now.  i don’t see anything about alcohol content.  or peyote, or the m.j. or crackcocaine or anything of any particular interest.  so now it joins the list along with alcohol, cigarettes, sudafed and spraypaint.  maybe that’s it.  maybe the kids have figured out something exciting to do with kombucha that i’m not aware of.  i dunno.



One response to “thursday thursday. late early march 2011.

  1. coco! i love kombucha, i have been drinking it for several years now. BUT not the kind pictured above, i tried it once and found it weak and lacking beneficial qualities. there is no reason to card anyone purchasing kombucha. a while ago some brands were removed from the market (except the brand pictured above) due to naturally occurring alcohol above the legal non-alcoholic limit… now that it is back you can bet they are testing regularly and there is no alcohol, which means there is no reason to card someone. if someone carded me, i would raise such a fuss! also, it does not say “contains alcohol” on the bottles. it might even say “contains no alcohol.”

    once i tried to make it myself, my apartment is too cold/moldy/unpleasant and the poor little scoby grew mold. a sad time.

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