wednesday wednesday. early march 2011

dang.  i meant to start off this month with rabbit, rabbit. but i didn’t.  how can i remember to say that first thing in the morning, the first day of the month. ? shoooot.  it’s not until i’ve done a few things that it crosses my mind.  i mean.  it took me over a week to remember to drink lemon water before ingesting anything else each day.  that was frustrating.  every morning before i got it right, i’d be standing there, happily chomping bread or a mouthful of granola.  and think effin-eff  i did it AGAIN.  old dog, new tricks.  it’s just too much.

but actually, i take that back. (my horoscope says to knock off being so hard on myself)  now, i crave my half boiled water, half filtered water, half a lemon (…three halves?) before all else.  took me a while, but i’m on it now.  and lemons aren’t that cheap.  and i keep running out, which irritates the carp out of me.

but that’s not what i sat down to write about.

rabbit rabbit.  oh well.  and i made this ring.



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