monday monday. late february 2011

ack.  february.  you have been quite a month.  i feel like i’ve spent most of this month in some form or degree of agitation.  it’s not been very relaxing.  even the break week has been a bit of a roller coaster.  plans were made and then adjusted.  the second half was spent on a mini vacation in closest bigger city to the south… a pure escape.  even miss cv thought it was too short.  oh well.  we’ll start planning for the next adventure.

so my horoscope suggested (read that, threatened and dripping with warning) that i keep a positive outlook today, come what may.  ok.  i’m trying.   actually, i’m quite committed to it.   i manically chomped my cookies and cream power bar, releasing copious amounts of tension locked into my jaw — so that feels better… i’ve made a list of the projects that i will blaze through in the studio today (fell quite behind first while wringing my hands next to miss cv’s bed for five days and then eating and drinking my way through btown for the next few) and i will adjust my day to eliminate the outside errands and not shake my fist at the ice falling from the sky.  because really.  it’s not going to change a thing.

ok!  oh hey!  the puzzle is done!  miss cv placed the last three pieces with great focus and ease.



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