friday friday. late mid february 2011

holé carp, my nerves are shot.
ohman,  our sweet pipsqueak was sick. full on flu.  i realize now it was just a flu.  but in the thick of it, it processed quite differently in my mind. almost three days ago it plays like this:

oh no, love. you look uncomfy. eek, let’s take your temp. hmmm? oh sure, you can do it yourself. what? 103.7…? dang. ok, ok, we can do this.  sleep sleep. just rest and let yer body burn it out. what? your back hurts? you can’t bear to walk? what? (f*ck, parental aside and freak out) no,no, no worries. you rest. mama and papi are right here.

so i have one piece of advice here.  do not google “fever with backpain.” no good will come from this. and really, i kind of knew that when i was typing it into the search field. but there was no stopping it.

holé deep-ends, batman.

fever with back pain.  we’re looking at meningitis, lyme disease, kidney issues, appendicitis – but oh no, those weren’t the ones for me. by the time we hit the doctors office yesterday, i had whipped myself up into a full blown polio frenzy.


our doc is really great.  gil and i got to our doctor appointment full of google-fueled intensity and passion. i’m sure she saw it written all over my face.  and she didn’t roll her eyes or sigh once as i launched into my list of suspects — although she did laugh when i told her i knew better than to start researching online webmd and the like.  she talked with miss cv, and talked with me and asked lots and lots of questions and looked in all kinds of spots and pressed and rubbed this and that…and assured us it is just a horrible, mean virus and she’s seen at least four minis a day over the past month suffering from one of the many many circulating right now. and the back pain is muscular and not …polio, or meningitis or appendicitis or a kidney crisis or anything of the like.  and keep an eye on her.  and call whenever we need.  and gil was amazed that miss cv got out of the appointment without getting stuck by a needle of some sort because, when he was a kid (and i concur), even if he was feeling perfectly ok, he never left the doctor office without at least one shot.  and if he wasn’t feeling particularly great, it just increased the shot count.  pin cushion therapy.

so it was a rough night last night but today is so much better.  almost no back pain, the fever seems to be gone (knock on wood) and even though nothing tastes good, she’ll eat a bite of this and that. and she’s really really tired of both of us just staring at her.  and she’s getting really feisty.  which is awesome.

me?  i’ll take a little whiskey to burn out any germs (ahem, standard protocol) and calm my nerves.



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