friday friday. mid february 2011

so i’m trying very very very very very very very hard not to complain about the winter.  it’s not working very well, but i had resolved to not start off my entry today about how much i kind of really can’t take it anymore and i’m sitting here formulating this and that about the rings i’ve just made and miss cv stops drawing and looks at me and says “mama, i miss summer.  did you hear me?  i miss summer.”

ouch.  i know.

so eff it.  we’re going to talk about how i want to be somewhere else.  it’s a shame, i know. i need to remain grounded and in the present.  and find beauty in what is here and now.  which i do and i am.  but i’m sick of it.  i’m really really really really sick of it.

we’re planning a short trip to the city and would like to stay at the ace hotel so i was researching that.  it’s not warm.  but it’s a change of scenery so it’ll have to do.  so i’m looking at the ace’s website and of course get distracted by their palm springs locale.  which is really where i want to go.  and then i have blue in my head because of the blue turquoise ring i posted to etsy early today and the cover photo for an article hobo magazine did on the palm springs ace hotel catches my eye.

so then i get curious about hobo magazine and i’m loving the whole thing – i’ll spend more time with it later tonight.  but i immediately find my new obsession.


oh my.  i’m printing out photos and posting them around.  creative visualization.  i see gil, miss cv and myself THERE.

cv looks over my shoulder and says, “oh i thought that was a picture of dad!” the hair is wavier, but the playful facial expression looks so very familiar.  nice.



One response to “friday friday. mid february 2011

  1. if it makes you feel any better my heat is going off in Florida.

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