thursday thursday. mid february 2011.

it’s almost valentines day.  i really do love valentines day. ¡i love love! that’s my motto.  i just haven’t been able to focus on it much this year.  for whatever reason.  maybe that’s not important, it’ll come whether i’m focused on it or not.

but i love to have the colors of valentines day around, to brighten up the winter landscape.  pinks and reds — gotta mix a little orange in there.  there’s still time!  i need to get on it. cupcakes!  this weekend needs cupcakes.  that’ll get me in the spirit for sure.  with lovely sprinkles and pink frosting and the whole lot.  yey!

i have quite a few heart stones that i was hoping to get all ringed up by now.  there just hasn’t been enough time. a common refrain, it’s true it’s true. but valentines can be celebrated all year round…and should be celebrated whenever the mood moves – so keep an eye out, they’ll be posted soon!  this lovely shinyshiny pictured above and below is on its way to a sweetheart’s hand.  i forgot how much i enjoy this ring.  i oughta make one for myself.  yey valentines!




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