thursday thursday. early february 2011


wow.  i just spent some time revisiting this show in preparation to list the last twenty or so hearts from the original body of work. i’m listing them at, in case you’re interested.

there’s a really nice article written about the original show here

i forgot about how much i had shared with the journalist. there’s one big error in the story.  we moved here when cv was almost two, not when we were preggers with her.  but i had given her a TON of information all at once.  so you know.  it’s kind of intense reading back through it…god we’ve been through so much since 2004.  so much.  i can’t quite wrap my head around it all.  so many things — sure the bricknmortar and the music venue — and so many things.  it kind of breaks my heart.  in both good and owie ways.  so many mixed emotions…

thinking about things.  yesterday was so heavenly with the snowday and the three of us got to steal a day of play together.  crazy weather is a free pass to just follow one’s nose and not the feel the pressures of doing — even things that are ultimately enjoyable.  it’s a repeating sentiment in my life lately — simplify and eliminate the chatter/clutter.  it’s important. and awesome. and i think i’m getting better at it.  or trying to.  working towards it.

it’s making me want to paint more hearts.  it’s a lovely meditation and release.  not reinventing the wheel and just enjoying color and making spur of the moment decisions, not over analyzing things.  a wandering.




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