tuesday tuesday. mid january 2011

robertagrove.etsy.com 1960's portrait of a woman

oh man, it’s happened already. i’m done with winter. DONE.  feeling a bit confined and irritable that it’s really cold.  and it’s only half way through january.  i’m cranky.  i can’t wear any cute shoes.  if i’m outside, i’m wearing huge boots.  if i’m inside, i’m wearing really really thick socks.  if i’m someplace inside that’s not a place where i’d be in really thick socks, it’s probably a grocery or some other shop and i’m wearing really huge boots and feeling weird about wearing them inside but there’s no other choice because i’m going to have to walk back across whatever and it’s really cold and icy and dirty weird slushy snow and i have to walk with my lower back and butt all tense so i don’t slip anyways and it’s just too much.

hippie romper by yystudio.etsy.com

so lets look at nice clothes and sunshine-y things.  and daydream about wearing them or filling them with in-season fruit.  which is not at all like the off tasting, odd colored produce i’ve ended up with right now.

bowl set by upintheairsomewhere.etsy.com

i would love to see gil in his shirt sleeves…and this shirt, to boot.  the straight hem is my favorite.   maybe i should just snap it up now in hopes of warm spring days — hope springs eternal. right? someone?

hertiage shirt by minus.etsy.com

maybe a road trip is in order…south south south and southern. it doesn’t have to be beach weather. i’d happily do 50 degrees, even.  but no more thick, padded, wet, dirty, salty stuff. oh no. i’m totally already done.

dazzlinglanna.etsy.com hobo bag

on that note


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