friday friday. mid january, 2011

oh wow.  first post of the new year.  it’s been a while.  we’ll get back into the swing of things.

the holiday season was WILD.  very good.  and feel lots of good, positive vibes and stuff moving into 2011.  which is also very good.  and important.  and necessary.  our new year’s eve hootenanny was truly amazing and watch for videos from the event.

so we got a some snow a couple days ago.  wednesday.  it was nice.  i think.  well.  we got a snow day so gil and cv were home and that was LOVELY.

oh snow.  and i can’t stop thinking about spring and flowers and a garden and…well.  enough of that.  but i am going to focus all that spring angst and finish up lovinganvil’s spring line within the next couple weeks.  and AND it’s only my very favorite colorcombination holiday right around the corner.  oh yes.  lots of hearts and love and glitter and pink and red!!

see.  now i’m in a good mood again –


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