wednesday wednesday. early december 2010

dang.  my dog just beat me to the spot in front of the pellet stove.   i snoozed and loozed.

so posted a few new items to etsy yesterday.  still haven’t tackled the vintage stuff.  also managed to get to the dmv and take care of my license issue.  i wanted to mention it here, but i couldn’t bear to possibly jinx the whole thing.  now that i have my (temporary) license securely in hand, i can admit that i was two+ months expired.

i didn’t even notice until i was a grocery store near our home a couple weeks ago attempting to purchase champagne.  and i was asked to present my i.d.  and the (maybe 22 year old) clerk informed me that my license was expired and further informed me that she could not allow me to purchase the champagne.

blink.   blink.  blink.

i was surprised and maybe didn’t say much for a moment.  and then explained that i didn’t realize my license was expired and that i’m xx years old and showed her my graying temples.  and then a very smartly dressed, silver-gray, stylishly bobbed hair gentlewoman behind me in line sweetly offered to buy the champagne for me, which the now blushing red to purple clerk quickly informed us that absolutely would not be allowed.

so.  you know.  had to drive to the other grocery store near our home and hope for the best.  and that worked out fine.  and lord knows i still dragged my feet around taking care of the whole thing for another couple weeks (at least…) and obeyed all traffic laws to the t, and nervously purchased spirits and the like.  and knew in my heart of hearts that i would have to take that damn written test when i went for the renewal.

it took a LOT of focus and determination, but two nights ago i sat down and read the stateofmainemotoristhandbookandstudyguide cover to cover.  and felt confident that i could retain most of the numerical facts for about twelve hours before they would start to get bumped to make room for other information.  so.

so yesterday morning i dropped cv off at school and started talking with one of the teachers about what i  planned for the next hour or two and SHE said that HER license had expired for almost a YEAR and when she went to renew she didn’t have to take a test.

blink.  blink.  blink.      a  w  e  s  o  m  e.

this was quite a revelation.

so a bit bolstered and buoyed, i drove over to the dmv and walked in and took my number and happily sat in a waiting room with just two other people in it.  just two!  this is seriously my lucky day!

and then.

after sitting there for a couple minutes i start to notice the strained looks on all the other faces.  what?  not working?  please come back later?  computers are down?  what?  WHAT?  but you don’t understand.  this has been weeks in the making.  i can’t be derailed now.  who knows when i’ll actually make it back.  what?  a temporary license good for two months?  ok.  ok.  that helps.  it’s true i don’t need to take a test?  ok.  that helps, too.  try to come back later today?  oh wow.  i don’t know about that.  ok.  i’ll try.

and much to my own complete surprise, i did.  CHECK, off the list!



One response to “wednesday wednesday. early december 2010

  1. now you will get a jury summons. I’ll tell you what to write if you want to get out of it. :)

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