tuesday tuesday. late november 2010


writing 2010 still seems kind of new to me.  i’m just kind of processing that i’ll have to readjust soon.  damn readjustment.  seems like that’s all we do.  it’s ok.  i can roll                   with               the                   punches

so this saturday the 4th, i’m totally psyched to be a part of a prelude shindig at bandaloop in kennebunkport.  i’ll be there with several other sassy artists vending and sipping libations and chatting and toasting the season and taking holiday custom orders and imbibing.  did i mention there’s a festive cocktail menu?

i’ll have lots of new pieces — rings, bangles, necklaces, earrings — calaveras hand made by all us corrals over  here at the hogfarm, gil corral art, irreverent xmas cards, lots and lots of good stuff.  …good stuff, maynard.  again.  c’mon.  doesn’t ANYONE else remember that?

11 – 2pm at bandaloop ,   #2 dock square, kennebunkport, maine


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