wednesday wednesday. late november 2010

yesterday i woke up with this song in my head:

i must not think bad thoughts video

i haven’t thought about it in a looooooong while.  i also had fleeting images from the video that i wanted to confirm or debunk, so promptly set out on the interwebs for a little research.  found lots of lyrics and a couple live versions on youtube…but this is the only version i could find of the video that i remember.

i totally remember sitting in my parents’ home in muncie, indiana in 1986, watching 120 minutes on mtv (hol’e mol’e check out that playlist…it’s crazy chockful-o-nostalgia…for all us aging new waver/punk rockers) — long after the rest of the home had gone to bed.  watching x as loud as i dared (it was a ridiculously huge house so i could actually get it pretty loud.)  i love the galloping flow of the tune.

so last night before bed i showed gil my findings and he instantly remembered the song as well — but thought it was odd that it had picked this day to pop up in my psyche.  he told me about how the day before yesterday was the anniversary of jfk’s assasination and lbj’s swearing (?) in aboard air force one  –and it was initially suspected the assassination was soviet doings and 47 some odd years ago yesterday, lbj almost pushed the meganuclearblowusalltoittybittybits button and for some reason it wasn’t pushed and how the song and the video of i must not think bad thoughts seems really really pertinent to that history of that day.  i’m thankful for that.

i’m trying to come up with a good coupon code for blackfridaycybermonday to use on our etsy sites.  want it to tie in somehow with x or maybe this one — another absolute fave from the same era of my life.  it’s deep, man.

xoxo y gracias


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