friday friday. late october 2010


hmmm.  it’s hard to take a photo of food and make it look as good as it looks in real life.  this will have to do.  i’m already behind on my day’s tasks.

ok.  get ready for a generalized, sweeping statement.  which i really don’t like to do.  but i’m trying to illustrate a point.  so i’ve got to go with it.   so.

so what is it with guys and stew. ? (i don’t know, what is it with guys and stew?)  i don’t have the answer but it must be something.  maybe a harkening back to simpler times.  maybe a lot of old school moms out there, thinking ahead and choppin’ stuff up and getting things into a pot to …well, stew… for a good part of the day and be ready by dinner.  i’m always amazed at how easy stews are to make, but you have to have it planned, which is where i usually stumble.  i usually am not thinking about what’s for dinner until maybe an hour before the fam will be hungry.

but.  on those rare days where i am standing at the grocery with a bit of foresight – and then come home and get a good stew brewing on the stove – my gil’s spirits always perk a bit.  it’s true!  kind of hovering around the kitchen, peeking in the pot, commenting on a delicious aroma.  i gotta admit, it’s a lot of fun.

so i’m off to the studio, but feeling pretty damn pleased with my domestic prowess.  wow.  on that note,  if you order from or today, send me a link to your favorite stew recipe — in the note to seller box.  wait for an adjusted invoice of 15% off your order.* (*for orders over $45 only, and as always, gold items excluded.)



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