friday friday. mid october 2010


i took this photo looking out the window from our work desk right now just because.  i was going to explain further, but it really comes down to just because.  and i’ve actually taken a couple similar shots and was comparing and contrasting which one translated better.  back and forth back and forth looking at the two.  and sort of formulating a blog entry about the joint project gil and i are working on — which will ultimately be an element in his mayo street arts show that’ll open early this november.  and i’m looking at these photos and somewhere in the back of my mind, every so quietly, the milk glass green hand registers.

the milk glass green hand.  the very one i spent a good twenty minutes looking for a couple of days ago so i could shoot some photos for  goddamn it.  and i had to use my clear glass hand since i absolutely could not find the milk glass green hand anywhere.  and you know.  you have to give up after a while because (again) you know and i know that if you keep looking in the same spots, desperately, over and over, all it does is frustrate.  and i spend a lot of my day frustrated over things just like this.  which  must be somebody else’s fault because it sure isn’t mine.


and i knew it would turn up because, really, how could i actually lose a milk glass green hand.  i don’t know.  i probably could but i have to keep the faith.  so what’s (kind of) making me laugh about this, is it’s a photo of my very current surroundings that allowed me to see it.  a veil lifted, a smoke cleared.  and actually, it’s not making me laugh at all.  goddamn it.

so the coupon code.  if you order from or today, tell me an object that you were looking for and found, yet you were so annoyed by the whole thing that the discovery caused less a sense of relief and more a renewed sense of irritation — in the note to seller box.  wait for an adjusted invoice of 15% off your order.* (*for orders over $45 only, and as always, gold items excluded.)


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