thursday thursday. early october 2010

i’ve seen a couple items on etsy lately that have really stuck with me.   we all know there’s a been a huge zombie thing going on the past few years — i can’t quite get into it.  not for any other reason but zombies kind of actually really scare me.  and i’m one of those people that do not enjoy being scared.  in the least.  my suspension of disbelief is so complete and utter that it’s just not worth the stress it causes me.  and i don’t want to encourage zombies into my life in any way.  at all.

that said.  i really really really like these two items.

yeehaw industries -

there’s not much that yeehaw industries does that i don’t love.  so you know.

zombie t

jcbeans shop -

and this guy – click on the photo and it’ll take you to the listing.  the second photo totally made me laugh.  and caught me by surprise.  maybe it’s just me.

so in order to find the tshirt listing again, i did a search for zombie ts and just reaffirmed how much i can’t stomach the whole thing.  except for these two items.  for someone else.  not for me.

and also.  now that you know this about me please do not fabricate some plan to jump out or stagger out or otherwise appear from behind something to freak me out because  all that will happen is i’ll go all instinctively hissy-fit ninja on you, then burst into tears and be really mad at you and not be your friend for a long time.  i mean it.

oh whatever.


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