wednesday wednesday. early october 2010

oh wow.  the blue and brown is catching up to the pink and brown.  i bought an intensive conditioner today cuz either way it looks like i’ll be bleaching soon.  next monday i’ll close the polling and we’ll go from there…

ok.  the return of koozie wednesday!  it’s been a while.

this was the last koozie purchased this beach season…at the convenience store on the way to biddeford pool.  now, i’m not saying a guiness looks the most refreshing in a koozie…but it was my birthday a couple days ago and that is all we got hanging around for a photo shoot.  so you know.  and actually, i kind of like guiness from a can.  kind of.  well, maybe not.  there are a lot of variables to consider.

remember kids, if on your travels, you find a particularly campy koozie that you think could use a loving home, send it our way and we’ll send you a thank you gift and credit you on our wednesday blog!
los corrals
po box 45
biddeford, me 04005



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