thursday thursday. late september 2010

please please please let me win the lottery.  i mean.  i’m pretty sure this was made for me even without knowing me.  or me knowing the artist.   it’s kind of making my head hurt.  or my heart ache.

elvis chongsam by betty oatmeal

and then, this has me pretty wound up, too.


lorretta western shirt by betty oatmeal

and i’m finding myself pouting about missing this one …


sightseeing in spain by betty oatmeal

really, ms. oatmeal.  how did you know?  so i have a big decade marking birthday coming up in a couple days.  anyone want to start a you’re-not-old-if-you-can-fit-yer-hips-into-an-elvis-chongsam fund?… takers? takers?  anyone?



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