thursday thursday. late mid september 2010

monarch mobile by cactus and olive

wowowowowow!  i think stripey junior is already chrysalising!  or getting ready to.  so in honor of stripey ii (we can’t make our minds…obviously…) here’s some rockin’ monarch art via etsy designers.

edible monarch cupcake decorations by sugar robot

i’d post a picture of stripey jr/ii now…but i think i keep distrupting him and i think he’s trying to find a place to get comfy.  and i keep obsessing about his well being.  two days ago i was certain i left him in the sun too long and was completely panicked that i was going to come home to a cooked caterpillar.  he’s just fine.  and had to deal with me moving his leaf around until he wiggled his antennae.  probably made him motion sick.

embroidered monarch brooch by sea pinks

it’s amazing how much he’s grown from just a week ago!  chomping on milkweed.  man, it’s hard not to pick up his jar and study him right now.  but he just climbed up on the lid and i have to kind of turn the whole thing and …like i said, i’m trying very hard to leave him alone.

yey stripey!



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