monday monday. late mid september 2010

stressed but all in all okay, this monday morning.  i really really really need to clean the bunny hutch and turtle tank and move them off the farmer’s porch.  it’s getting too chilly at night for the critters to be out there.  critters.  sheesh.

but first, i’m moving stuff around.  cyber-wise.  have lots of stuff to post to our site… a few lovely folks have been asking how they can get their hands on some arte mas fina and finally focusing on how to make that happen.

and just as an explanation to our facebook friends…i’m adding a tab of the hogfarmstudios etsy site to gil’s facebook profile…it’s my doing, not his.   i have lovinganvil dialed in to  mine and can’t figure out how to add another.  so …so the updates will come through on his.  i’m explaining this because it seems very un-gil to have shop updates on his profile page.  also.  also.  i know a few of you have experienced an email or posting from one of us that has seemed out of character.  maybe it has appeared that gil has discussed bunnies or fashion, or maybe i have discussed politics with a swear-word riddled rant — it is as you’ve suspected, from the other corral.  we have one computer where all of our emails and accounts and profiles co-mingle and sometimes things get …confused.

also, gil is not here right now for us to discuss my posting to his profile.  too bad, so sad.  marriage just does that to you sometimes.  usually when you’re not looking.



One response to “monday monday. late mid september 2010

  1. well he shouldn’t have given out his password now should he?

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