friday friday. mid september 2010

sheesh!  this month is scooting right along.

stripey sr. from september 2006

so about four years ago (FOUR YEARS AGO!) we found a little catapillar and hung out with it and watched it eat a TON of milkweed…and poop a ton of milkweed…and then watched it spin its cocoon and then come out of its cocoon and fly away and it was so crazy awesome and and and!

stripey jr. ...or stripey ii

well, guess what.  we finally found another milkweed lovin caterpillar (thanks, deb!  she’s our monarch caterpillar shaman) and we are SO psyched to take part and experience the whole process again.  and it really is amazing how much those little itty bitty bits eat.  really.

so.  coupon code friday!!  if you order from or today, tell me the name of your favorite caterpillar/butterfly in the note to seller box.  wait for an adjusted invoice of 15% off your order.* (*for orders over $45 only, and as always, gold items excluded.)



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