thursday thursday. mid september 2010

DeweyDecimalCrafts' three crocheted skulls

something happened yesterday.  i think fall arrived.  driving around we noticed pools that were full a couple days ago, absolutely and all of a sudden, emptied.  with that quiet, echoy look and dried leaves swirling.   then we saw trees along the interstate — recently a flush neon green,  now muted and hinting at turning to their fall colors.

and out of the blue, cv and i started discussing halloween costumes!

with that in mind, check out these awesome (if not a bit melancholy) little crocheted skulls by DeweyDecimalCrafts.  good lord.  i love their expressions.  and combining skulls with crochet !!  it’s hard to pick which little travieso to adopt.

DeweyDecimalCrafts's pumpkin skull



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