monday monday. mid september 2010

our old buddies

ohmygod.  i cannot find my packing tape.  either the brown opaque roll or the clear plasticy one.  i hate how much time i’ve spent looking for them and i …i just can’t stand it.  and yet my day can progress no further until this is resolved.  so i’m off to buy tape.  godDAMNit.  you can’t see me but i’m clutching my head right now.

so gil and i just watched the latest star trek and at first i hated it…felt like it was way too military based.  then it got really awesome and i totally loved it.  and i just stumbled across this blogpost and really enjoyed reading it.  plus it helped me forget about  my lost tape rolls for a moment.  damnit.

no.  i decided i didn’t want to post it.  the writer got on my nerves.  at any rate.  it was a good movie.



One response to “monday monday. mid september 2010

  1. happened to me with scissors ALL THE TIME. Now I have like ten pairs around the house.

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