friday friday. late early september 2010

back to school back to school.  so how was it?

my third grade teacher’s name popped into my head last night.  or early this morning.  i can remember my fourth thru sixth grade teacher’s name, too.  mrs. bolt.  i had her all three years at shimek elementary in iowa city.  she was awesome.  i don’t remember my first or second grade teacher’s names at all.  got kind of hung up on that.  i can’t even really remember what they looked like.

at any rate, mrs. james was third grade.  at john fitch elementary in windsor, connecticut.  and cindy haven school was across the black top – for the older kids.  and art class was in that building, too.  i totally remember lots of projects from art class.  and i also remember a pair of green polyester flares i would wear…with a raised anchor embossed on the button.  which would make it almost impossible for me to unfasten.  which made going to pee rather stressful.  and i also remember the class bully julie (i used to totally know her last name…but no longer) standing on the toilet and looking over the stall at me telling me she was going to beat me up after school.  and i remember the only response i could think of was “why?”    and i remember her saying just because. and i also remember her favorite color was red.  so i absolutely hated the color red for a long time.

a few classes ahead of me, but from 1978

so.  in case your wondering.  julie was all bravado.  in fact, she invited me over shortly after that.  i didn’t go over.  i found our first interaction pretty alarming and didn’t understand her initial overtures to friendship.  we moved shortly after that, anyways.

back to the matter at hand!  coupon code friday!!  if you order from or today, tell me the name of your first, second or third grade teacher in the note to seller box.  wait for an adjusted invoice of 15% off your order.* (*for orders over $45 only, and as always, gold items excluded.)



One response to “friday friday. late early september 2010

  1. Coco! I LOVE this post! Reading it brought back all kinds of memories. Adorable photos, too. :)

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